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All Packed, and Ready to Ship out!

They are all ready to go!

We spent the better part of the day wrapping, cutting, sticking, taping and packaging all the many pre-ordered books we need to ship out. These are going out a bit later then expected, since the mailers we purchased were delayed in transit. The boxes were worth the wait, though, because they really are the perfect size.

Each book is wrapped in colorful tissue paper, then labeled with the recipient's name and dedication. The book is then wrapped in bubble-wrap, and placed in the box with a letter, and a free coloring page. All 31 boxes were then given a shipping label.

Needless to say, they will be heading out the door tomorrow! It is completely dark here now, and a thunderstorm has been raging. With that in mind, the lighting in my house is not the greatest for taking quality pictures! Ah, well... at least you can see all the piles.

A BIG thanks to all who pre-ordered, and also to those who waited so long for their book to be shipped. We hope you enjoy your copy of "Apple's New Neighbors!"

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