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Top 5 Favorite Art Supplies!

Hello again, Bethany here! I thought that I would write just a small post this morning about some wonderful art products that I LOVE. So, this post is dedicated to all the creative people reading this. I really would like to share these products with you, because my artwork has become better as a result.

Okay, here we go!

1.) The first thing that I would like to mention is Strathmore Bristol (Smooth) Paper Pad:

(Click all images to view on

This is my go-to paper for drawing fine-art portraits and such., The paper is super smooth, resulting in an ideal surface for highly-detailed work. Graphite pencils erase from the surface with ease, just as long as you do not push too hard with lighter pencil grades (such as 6H). I cannot think of ONE thing that I do not love about this paper.

2.) My FAVORITE pencils are by Faber-Castell:

I have used MANY different types of graphite pencils over the years, and these are my first choice. They are super-smooth, and come is a wide variety of degrees. They never scratch the paper, and you can sharpen these to an extremely fine point. These pencils (when paired with Bristol Board) are the BEST combination for fine art drawings. There really is nothing else to be said... with this dynamic-duo, you can create anything.

3.) My favorite calligraphy nibs are made by Speed-ball:

The nib that is second to the bottom (in the set pictured) is the one that I used to create "The Little Sisters Studio" logo, and some other text on the site. The reason I love these so much is because you can achieve sharp, crisp edges if you want. I have tried some other nibs, and the ink did not flow as nicely as it did with these... they are a keeper! As far as what paper I like best for calligraphy, I am still praying around with that. Leave me a comment with your favorite paper, and I will try it!

4.) I really do not use oil paints in my work, but I DO use quite a bit of watercolor. The brand that I like the best is anything by Winsor and Newton. The color is super-rich, and does not "blotch" the color like some others I have tried.

5.) For watercolor paper, I still stick with Strathmore:

So, those are my TOP 5! Have you tried any of these? Please share your favorite things, as we are always looking for new and exciting art supplies to try. Thanks for reading!

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