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About the Artist



     It is the same for me as with so many people. I always drew as a child, and dreamed of becoming an animator in the industry. As I grew older, the desire to work in the animation industry also included how I wished to impact it. It excites to me to see new and exciting cartoons on television that have broken the mold that cartoons have conformed to for so many years. While there is still room to change, grow, and improve, it excites me to see the dramatic twist cartoons are taking toward sophisticated storytelling, and how I might contribute.  




Mission Statement 


   My goal is to begin a studio with my sister, Bethany Moy, who is also an animation artist. She and I have collaborated on several projects together. We both attended the Academy of Art University, graduating together in December 2014.

During my time with the Academy of Art University, I studied traditional hand-drawn animation, as well as Illustration, Storyboarding/Story Art, Backgrounds for Animation, Character Design, Experimental Animation, and Business.


     It’s my goal to work with a studio that creates Bible-based films and media. I want to create the best quality work that is uplifting and inspirational, and shares the love of Christ.






     I strive to put 120% in every project I create, and the same can be expected of the work I produce for others. My services include:


  • Illustration

  • 2D Animation (Character & Effects)

  • Story Art/Story Boarding

  • Backgrounds for Animation

  • Character Design

  • Experimental Animation 

  • Comics



Thank you for visiting my website!

I hope you enjoy your stay! 




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