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Bethany and Olivia Moy are the creative team behind The Little Sisters Studio. Since the beginning, the pair has always loved to draw; especially cartoons. The sisters would often be found doodling animals (and their many pets) on whatever blank surface they could find... Whether on notebook paper, or on the back                                                                        cover of their many Disney coloring books. Not only was their                                                                                          love of drawing easy to see, but they seemed to always be                                                                                              found drawing together.


                                                                               As they progressed through their Homeschool curriculum,                                                                                            Bethany and Olivia's parents made sure to put extra-                                                                                                      emphysis on their artistic studies to help foster and cultivate                                                                                       their creative learning. Knowing what course of study to                                                                                                pursue after gradutaing highschool was easy. Bethany and                                                                                          Olivia's true-love of drawing lied with Traditional Animation,                                                                                       so they decided to enroll in the Academy of Art                                                                                                              Univeristy's 2D Animation program. While in college, they                                                                                           both had the opportunity to also study illustration, character                                                                                     design, storyboarding, and concept development.


                                                                               After the pair graduated from college in 2014, they decided                                                                                        to launch their own studio with the creation of their first                                                                                                children's book, Apple's new Neighbors. Bethany and Olivia                                                                                          are currently working together as a freelance studio; where                                                                                        they work to tell truly meaningful stories that challenge,                                                                                              inspire, and encourage. 

"Many people along the way have asked the question, "Why art?" For us, drawing-- whether that be illustration or animation-- is one of the best meduims that has the power to reach people. Our goal with what we do is to show others what Christ has done for all. One of our favorite verses in the Bible is 1 Corinthians 10:31: Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Some people are doctors or lawers... some are amazing listeners. We know a few people who can fix anything, just by looking at it! As for us, we just love to draw."

Olivia (Left) & Bethany (Right)

Photo by The Little Sisters Studio tm 2016

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